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International development worker experienced in technical support to the design, establishment, management, monitoring and evaluation of health and social policies / programmes with a special focus on a/HIV/AIDS and public health, b/civil society empowerment, c/migration / trafficking. Demonstrated organizational skills and process oriented leadership, in order to reach consensus and achieve objectives. Strong analytical, report writing and presentation skills. Proficiency in all major computer software.


Since February 2011: Associated Professor and Head, School of Public Health, "AIETI" Medical School - GEORGIA.

· Coordinate the course of public health and epidemiology. Currently supervising research activities for Ph.D. program (public health and epidemiology).

· Coordinate and supervise the research, design, fundraising, field-testing, implementation, monitoring/evaluation and reporting/documentation in field of public health.

January 2010- January 2011: Regional Programme Specialist HIV/AIDS, UNFPA-KAZAKHSTAN.

The post was located in the Sub-regional Office (SRO), Almaty and covers 20 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

· Provided on-going leadership, technical expertise, guidance and policy advice to UNFPA Regional office and 20 country offices, in HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health.

· Coordinated activities with UNAIDS, its co-sponsors and other key players (Governments, Donors, INGOs, NGOs, and CBOs) at regional and country level; for instance co-organized on behalf of UNFPA the “First regional consultation meeting on HIV, MSM and transgender people in Eastern Europe and the CIS” (see:

· Provided technical expertise in programme formulation, resource mobilization, and strengthening of national capacities of partner (Government Departments/Agencies, NGOs, and CBOs).

· Managed the consultations, design and implementation of the annual work plan of the EECA regional office HIV/AIDS programme.

July 2009- January 2010: Team Leader – Global Fund HIV/AIDS (Principal Recipient), MISSION EAST Country Office - ARMENIA.

· Managed GFATM AIDS component (for a total budget of EUR18.9M.,7 staffs, and 12 sub-recipients (SR)).

· Facilitated establishment of the Mission East in its Principal Recipient (PR) role.

· Negotiated and contracting SR, coordination with the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and the Local Fund Agent (LFA).

· Project initiation, monitoring (oversight of SR), implementation and regular progress reporting (programmatic/financial).

· Facilitated coordination between GFATM, CCM, Sub-Recipients, Government of Armenia and other stakeholders.

· Managed the consultations, design and finalization of the annual implementation/costed (programmatic/financial) work plan.

· Established and supervised Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system and contract/quality management system (subcontracts/grants, human resources (HR), procurement).

February 2008-June 2009: Programme Specialist HIV/AIDS and Head of the Drug Demand Reduction, Drugs and HIV/AIDS Unit, UNODC Country Office - UNION OF MYANMAR.

· Provided on-going management, technical expertise, guidance and policy advice to UNODC in the country (for a total budget of U.S. $2.1 M. per year [several different donors, including AusAID, European Commission, DFID, UNAIDS], for 151 international [short-term consultants] and local staffs [in 10 field offices], and 11 INGOs/NGOs) and to the Government of Myanmar.

· Facilitated collaboration and coordination activities with United Nations agencies and other key players (Government, Donors, INGOs, NGOs, and CBOs).

· Provided technical expertise in Programme formulation, resource mobilization, and strengthening of national capacities (partner Government Ministries/Agencies, NGOs, and CBOs) to develop and implement sustainable strategies that deal effectively with DU/IDU and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

· Managed the consultations and design of the annual implementation/costed work plan of the Programme (including implementing partners).

· Prepared regular progress reports (programmatic/financial) to donors and UNODC HQ.

· Established and supervised Management Information System (MIS), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system and contract/quality management system (subcontracts/grants, human resources (HR), procurement) of the Programme.

· Facilitated and supervised the drafting of methodological tools related to HIV/AIDS and drug use, and the establishment of a knowledge management component to ensure that UNODC staff and partners learn from each others’ good practices.

· Coordinated and supervised of research, project design, field testing and documentation of programming models related to HIV/AIDS and drug use in Myanmar.

· Officer In Charge of the UNODC in Myanmar for several months.

Since February 2008: Associate Professor, "AIETI" Medical School - GEORGIA. Established and coordinated on line the course of public health and epidemiology. Currently supervising research activities for several Ph.D. students (public health and epidemiology).

November 2006-February 2008: Technical Officer, WHO Head Quarters - SWITZERLAND.

· Coordinated and supervised the research, design, fundraising, field testing, implementation, monitoring/evaluation and reporting/documentation from 22 participating countries (among 25,000 individuals) in Asia, Africa, Latin America and East Europe in field of chronic diseases and health promotion.

· Developed evidence-based guidance for strengthening the management capacity of 25 national WHO collaborative centers in their response to chronic diseases and health promotion.

· As a designated official, coordinated the drafting of the second phase (2008-2018) of a global project (cohort study) involving 12 countries (among 12,000 individuals) and secured the approval by WHO.

· Conducted on regular basis training on HIV/AIDS at the Workplace for UN staff of other agencies.

October 2006: Consultant/Evaluator, UNDP Country Office - KYRGYZSTAN. Co-facilitated the Evaluation of Pilot Methadone Maintenance Treatment in the Kyrgyz Republic. Provided technical recommendations to UNDP/UNAIDS country offices, government institutions and other counterparts for the planning of additional strategies to ensure appropriate access of Methadone Maintenance Treatment, in the Kyrgyz republic.

July – September 2006: Technical Advisor on HIV/AIDS in Armenia, UNHCR Head Quarters - ARMENIA/ROMANIA. Undertook HIV situation assessments in Armenia using UNHCR’s assessment tool. Examined laws, policies, and activities on a/ HIV/AIDS, b/the access to health services of refugees, asylum seekers and Internally Displaced Persons. Provided technical recommendations to UNHCR country office, government institutions and other counterparts for the planning of additional strategies to ensure appropriate access of persons of concern at risk/living with HIV, particularly women and children, to prevention, care and support services.

January 2006-July 2006: Monitoring and Evaluation Supervisor for the Global Fund HIV/AIDS (GFATM) Somalia, CCM-Italy, Principal Recipient UNICEF-SOMALIA. Provided technical support to 13 Sub-Recipients (UNICEF, WHO, UNDP and international NGOs), and to the line-ministries in Puntland and Somaliland in order to strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems for HIV/AIDS programmes (for a total budget of U.S. $4.11 M.). Monitored the implementation of activities, evaluated the Sub-Recipients’ project management capacity and provided them with the related training.

January 2003-December 2005: Research fellow, French Institute of Pondicherry, Department of Social Sciences, Pondicherry and SAHODARAN (NGO) Chennai - INDIA. Affiliated to the Microfinance Team in the framework of the collaborative programme between the University of Madras and French Institute of Pondicherry. The study was entitled “Microfinance and Health Services”. Conducted free health consultations, (physical examinations, counseling, blood tests, diagnosis and prescription), for MSM and transgender (Ali) communities. The resulting research paper was entitled “MSM and HIV/AIDS in South India”.

February 2001-December 2002: Public Health Doctor/Researcher, National Center for AIDS and STD Control, Ministry of Health of Nepal and Blue Diamond Society (NGO) - NEPAL. Contributed inputs to the PRSP on social and health aspects of HIV/AIDS (kept in the final version).Conducted free health consultations, (physical examinations, counseling, blood tests, diagnosis and prescription), for labour migrants and their families including children, commercial sex workers, MSM, DU/IDU. The resulting research papers are entitled “Migration and HIV/AIDS in Far West Nepal”, and “Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in Kathmandu, Nepal”.

March 1998–June 2000: Assistant Coordinator, Working Group of Humanitarian Assistance (WGHA), throughout the CIS (Former USSR) (Part-time).As a volunteer, assisted on an ad-hoc basis the organization of regional workshops throughout the CIS on psycho-social rehabilitation of displaced children, emergency preparedness and emergency assistance (among other subjects), as part of the WGHA of the UNHCR / IOM / OSCE Regional Conference on Refugees and Displaced Persons.

May 1997-December 2000: Coordinator of the regional office in Western Georgia, UNAG - GEORGIA.

· As the head of a regional office of this UNICEF, UNHCR and IOM implementing partner, provided technical support to the Regional Department of Education for their policies to reach out to 534 primary and secondary schools with activities on Human Rights and Healthy Lifestyle/HIV/AIDS education.

· Raised funds from UNHCR, IOM, UNICEF, UNDP, UNV, USAID, British Embassy in Georgia, Soros Foundation, for the same.

· Undertook capacity building for NGOs working in field of Internal Displacement, Human Right, Health (HIV/AIDS), and Youth.

· Initiated the NGO House in Kutaisi, the Human Rights education center (for youth 14-17y.o.), and the Imereti Children’s forum (for children 9-14y.o.).

January 1995–December 1996: Junior Doctor, Tbilisi Mother and Infant Center - GEORGIA. As an intern, assisted Professor Verulashvili in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases. With colleagues, published a joint article on reproductive health.


2002-2007 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)in Public Health – Anthropology. University of Madras, Department of Anthropology, Chennai, India. Research topic: “Poverty, Migration and HIV/AIDS in South India”.

2002-2003 Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Human Resource Management & Personnel (distance learning). Indian Institute of Management & Technology, Chennai, India.

2001-2002 Master of Public Health (MPH). Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, Katmandu, Nepal. Thesis: “Poverty, Migration and HIV/AIDS in Dadeldhura District (Nepal).”

1991-1997 Medical Doctor (MD) specialized in General Surgery. "L&C" University, Faculty of Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Language skills: English: Fluent; Russian: Fluent; Georgian: Fluent; Ukrainian: Good; French: Conversational.

Computer Skills: Familiar with Microsoft Office software applications, EpiInfo, DataColand SPSS 10.

Cultural skills: Extensive experience of living/working in a multicultural environment and adapting to foreign cultures. I have lived and worked in Armenia, Georgia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Romania, Ukraine, Somalia, Switzerland, Myanmar and Kazakhstan.

Licenses: Licensed to practice medicine as a Medical Doctor (MD) in Kenya, India, Nepal, Somalia and Georgia.

Driving skills: International driver's licencecategory “B” (Georgia, Romania, Kenya, India, Myanmar and Switzerland).

Recent trainings/certificates/fellowship/memberships:

2008 World Bank Institute, Washington DC, USA. Certificates: Strengthening the Essential Public Health Functions.Basics of Health Economics.

2008 Member of the Special Emphasis Panel of the "U:S:-India Bilateral Collaborative Research Partnerships on the Prevention of HIV/AIDS (R21)". Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

2007 UNAIDS, Geneva, Switzerland. Certificate, HIV/AIDS Course for Facilitators (for UN staff).

2007 Reviewer of the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal (official health journal published by the Eastern Mediterranean Regional office of the WHO), Cairo, Egypt.

2006-2007 WHO/InWEnt Capacity Building International, Geneva/Bonn, Switzerland/Germany."E-Learning course Health and Human Rights - Dimensions and Strategies".

2004 One year "Fellowship in Emergency Medicine" as a Doctor, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and

Royal College of General Practitioners, London.Daily duties in the Emergency Department under Casualty Medical Officers supervision. Research entitled “Knowledge, attitude and care management of blood borne diseases (HIV, HCV, HBV, Syphilis, etc.) among health care providers in the emergency departments”.

July 2003 American Heart Association (USA), Training center: Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.Advance Cardio Life Support (ACLS) Provider / Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider.


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